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McClellan, Powers, Ehmling & Rogers, P.C.

Gallatin and Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The law firm of McClellan, Powers, Ehmling & Rogers, P.C. was established in 1975 by Arthur E. McClellan.  Since its formation, the firm has continued to grow by providing quality, conservative and competent legal advice to its clients at competitive prices.  McClellan, Powers, Ehmling & Rogers, P.C. successfully practices in all areas of civil litigation with an emphasis on meeting the complex needs of insurance companies, their insured, as well as, self-insured clients.  The firm represents clients in both federal and state courts throughout the State of Tennessee.


Please contact us to discuss your legal needs, including:
Complex Business and Insurance Law
Workers Compensation Law
Corporate Law
Real Estate Law
Aviation Law
Criminal Defense
Negligence & Personal Injury Law
Product Liability Law
Professional Liability Cases
Estate, Probate & Wills
Family Law
Domestic Relations &
           Child Custody Law
Juvenile & Adoption Law